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Certified Museum Program Resources

Certified Museum Program Resources

Library and Archives Resources

AHS Library and Archives 
     AHS-Tempe        ahsreference@azhs.gov, 480-387-5355
     AHS-Tucson       ahsref@azhs.gov, 520-617-1157
     AHS-Yuma         yumareference@azhs.gov, 928-314-2463
     AHS-Flagstaff    wpeterson@azhs.gov, 928-523-5551

Other Library and Archives Resources

Arizona State Library and Archives 

Office of Vital Records (birth, death, marriage records)

Museum Collections

AHS Museum Collections
      AHS-Tucson     Laraine Daly Jones, ldjones@azhs.gov, 520-617-1179
      AHS-Tempe      Ashley Smith, asmith@azhs.gov, 480-387-5350

Other Resources

Small Museums Online Community

On March 30, 2012, the Small Museums Committee launched the SMOC, the Small Museums Online Community. The one-hour webinar that marked the opening of this site is free and you can get details about how to view the webinar on the site. The webinar includes a tour of the website and speakers about assessment programs for small institutions. This new site is a one-stop resource for small museums. There will be regular blog posts, a resource page, discussion forums, informational webinar events, and is a convenient way for you to connect with your peers. 

Museum Assessment Program – StEPs

StEPs is a voluntary assessment program for small- and mid-sized history organizations. The program, created by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, encourages awareness and achievement of national standards. Organizations that enroll in this new self-paced, self-study program use assessment questions and performance indicators (Basic, Good, Better) to rate their policies and practices in six standards sections. Participating organizations can clearly identify their strengths and areas needing improvement, and begin taking steps to plan for positive change.

Connecting to Collections Online Community:

Connect to other museums via this online community. Post questions and get advice from others who have dealt with similar issues.   

Connection to Collections Bookshelf project

Find information through this collection of recommended books, specifically selected to assist small and emerging museums. The list can be found on the AASLH website, in partnership with the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

AASLH Technical Leaflets 

American Alliance for Museums

AAM Collections Care resources

AASLH ethics committee 

Central Arizona Museum Association (CAMA)

Natural History Resources: National Park Service Museum Handbook 

Museum Association of Arizona (MAA)

Tucson Association of Museums (TAM)



AHS Collections Policy

Education and Outreach

AHS Education and Outreach
    AHS-Tucson:    Mary Ann Ruelas, maruelas@azhs.gov, 520-617-1154

    AHS-Tempe:    Michelle Prosser, mprosser@azhs.gov, 480-387-5363

National History Day Arizona (NHDAZ)

NHDAZ State Coordinator:    Stacey Trepanier, strepanier@nhdaz.org, 480-234-9192

NHD Online Resources
     •    Teacher info
     •    Activities
     •    Primary sources
     •    Publications
     •    Field trips
     •    Classroom programs

Arizona History Day/National History Day

Visit the Arizona National History Day website for more information on:
     •    Competition dates
     •    Research days
     •    Classroom visits