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Chapter 6: Conflict of Cultures: Activities

Chapter 6: Conflict of Cultures: Activities

Activity 1: Mirror

  1. Chapter 6- Trains brought glass to AZ, prior people didn’t know what they looked like.
  2. Using the provided descriptions of the Navajo Medicine Man, Quechan Man and Olive Oatman,
  3. have each student draw a picture of what they believe this person looks like only from hearing the story
  4. After drawings have been completed show classroom the real pictures of these individuals
  5. Have the students reflect on if their original drawings looked like the real pictures.
  6. This would be like seeing yourself for the first time in the mirror. You had only heard descriptions before and now you see the real picture.

Activity 2: Diary

  1. Have the students write their own Coming to Arizona Story.
  2. Keep a diary of your trip from the east coast to Arizona
    1. How did you arrive and when (make sure this is historically accurate you do not want your student saying they came by train when the rail roads in Arizona did not exist)
      1. Stagecoach
      2. Wagon Train
      3. Gila Trail
      4. Steamboats
      5. Rail Road
    2. Where did you arrive
    3. What did you do after you arrived
      1. Ranching
      2. Dam building
      3. Mining
    4. Why did you come to Arizona
    5. What did you see on the way to AZ
  3. Historical significance and facts

Activity 3: Skits

  1. After reading and discussing stories related to Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, The O.K Corral and Pearl Hart break students into 3 or 4 groups. Each group should write a story about a Wild West event and present to the class in the form of a skit.
  1. Have students create a “Warning Poster”, informing citizens of the country of reasons they should not come to Arizona.