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Esperanza’s World – Cicada Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Esperanza’s World – Cicada Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Activities / Teacher Resources

Center Activity Choices

Practice reading the cicada poem from Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices orally with a partner to get the effect of the choral reading. Perform for the class. Draw a colored series of cicada species’ illustrations to display in the classroom; be sure to label each species clearly.
Research other species of cicadas that live in Arizona. Make a science booklet in the shape of a cicada to store your written research data.
With a partner create a science “podcast” describing what you learned about cicadas. Be sure to include a recording of cicadas’ songs. Make an origami cicada and write a poem about cicadas to glue to the back of the folded insect. Display your project.
Read any of the books about cicadas found in the center. Write a brief summary of any interesting and/or new knowledge and share with the class.

Cicada Center

Apache cicada or Diceroprocta apache


Describe the physical features of this desert cicada

Review Esperanza’s description of the “singing tree” on pages 5 – 6. Does the book description match any of the words you used to describe the Apache cicada? Underline any matching words.

What do you learn about the cicada’s exoskeleton at the blogspot? In the circle draw a diagram of the cicada’s exoskeleton. Have you ever seen one of these attached to a tree or a building? When and where?


~Review the pictures of eggs laid in branches

Books about cicadas:

~When the Woods Hum by Joanne Ryder

~Cicadas by Laurence Pringle

~Bugs: Poems About Creeping Things by David L. Harrison

~Cicada poem in Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleischman