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Esperanza’s World – Arizona Flora, Fauna and Cattle Ranching Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Esperanza’s World – Arizona Flora, Fauna and Cattle Ranching Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Activities / Teacher Resources

Mariá Elena’s Mexican-American Diner


Appetizer:  (optional)
~Arizona Fish and Game website

  1. Click to go to the Arizona Game and Fish Website and download the Living State Symbols PowerPoint, the Living State Symbols Background sheet and the State Symbols Graphic Organizer.  Read the background sheet and watch the PPT.  Then complete the organizer.  Ask your teacher for help.
Main Course: (select one)
 ~Desert Botanical Garden Digital Learning for Students
– Click to go to the Desert Botanical Garden Website and view DBG Digital Learning

  1. Select interactive tutorials for students.
  2. View “What is a Desert?” and “How Are Deserts Formed?”
  3. Surf through the Virtual Habitat.
  4. Write a report explaining what you learned about Arizona’s flora and fauna.

~Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Click to go to the Sonora Desert Museum Website and view ASDM Digital Library

  1. Select Fun Facts and read about any plants or animals that interest you.
  2. Write a report called Fun Facts and list your favorite fun facts about a variety of plants and animals.
  3. Browse through the Teacher Resources section and ask your teacher to provide copies of any information/worksheets for you.
Side Dishes: (select two)
~Cattle Ranching in Arizona – Price Canyon Ranch

  1. Go to The Ranch tab and read Ranch History – notice the metates; they were used by Native American and Mexican families.
  2. – Click to go to the Price Canyon Ranch Website and watch the slide show.

~Cattle Ranching in Arizona

  1. – Click to read about Cattle Ranching in Arizona
    – about a Model Ranch – Henry Hooker writes about his Sierra Bonita Ranch.

  2. Click to Read about Sierra Bonita Ranch
    – A National Historic Landmark.

~Cattle Ranching in Arizona

  1. Learn to identify the different breeds of cattle.  Watch the

    Click to Download the Cattle Breeds PowerPoint
    .  Choose your favorite two and draw them.

~Cattle Ranching in Arizona

  1. Review the different types of forage or native range grasses that feed Arizona cattle.
  2. Draw and label 3 – 5 different grasses.
  3. For more types of grasses, review the
    Click to learn more about Arizona Grasses.
    add two more grasses to the chart.
Dessert (optional)
~Read Katie of the Sonoran Desert Katie del Desierto Sonorenseby Kate Jackson.~Click to read about Hispanic Ranching in Arizona (Spanish/English)