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Esperanza’s World – Arizona Geography Center

Esperanza’s World – Arizona Geography Center

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Geography is the study of Earth’s land, water, people, and other living things. It is important to know the world around you. Geography plays a part in where and how people live.

Below are key terms, important to the lessons to follow.

The Sky Islands are a series of forested mountain ranges surrounded by “seas” of desert and grasslands.

A wash is a dry river, stream, creek bed or gulch that temporarily fills with or flows with water after heavy seasonal rains. In Spanish a wash is called an arroyo.

Topography is the graphic representation on a map of the surface features of a place or region; included are the relative positions of mountains, valleys, plains, bodies of water and elevations.

A watershed is an area or region (bounded by high elevation points) drained by a river, river system, or other body of water. Each watershed has its own network of river and stream channels that drain water from and through a particular basin.