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Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Learn to Shoot

Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Learn to Shoot

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Learn to Shoot Marbles 

You can play marbles inside or outside.  Inside you can play on any surface: tile, wood, carpet or on a mat.  Inside use tape, string or yarn to make a circle. If you are playing outside, find a smooth, flat surface away from busy roads, driveways or sidewalks.  On outside cement surface or pavement, use chalk to draw boundaries for your game.  In dirt or sand, make a circle with a stick; this is how Esperanza, Ramón Pinto, Carlos, Tío Francisco and Ndeh-zin played marbles.


Before you start to play, decide if you are playing a game of “friendlies” or “keepsies”.  In a friendly game, everyone takes his or her own marbles home at the end of play.  In a “keepsies” game, it’s an agreed on competition with the winner taking home all the marbles.

There are many different ways to shoot a marble:

  1. Some players like to create a pocket with their first finger and thumb.  The marble is nestled in the pocket and then shot by flicking the thumb.
  2. Others like to form a pocket with all their fingers.
  3. Some players like to place the marble on the ground and flick it with their first finger.