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Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Activities / Teacher Resources

Playing Marbles in Esperanza Means Hope


Marble Center Choices


Become a real “mibster”.  Study the Marble Playing Terms and when ready, take the 10 point quizto show your readiness to play a game of “mibs”. Write a multi-paragraph response to the writing prompt – Playing Marbles in Esperanza Means Hope.   Revise and edit your writing and on a new sheet of paper, write a final draft to be evaluated by your teacher. Learn the three ways to shoot marbles by reviewing the diagrams.  Practice until you feel confident with your skills and then challenge a friend to play a gameof inside marbles with you.
Take home a copy of the Clay Marbles Recipe and make a “batch” of clay marbles.  Bring your “mibs” to school and share them with the class and then challenge friends to a game of marbles using your NEW clay ones.  Optional: Make a bag to store your marbles. Read the Marble History paragraphs and think about marbles long history.
Add your thoughts to the Marble History Response Poster. Then organize a marble tournament with your friends.  Playone of the inside marble games.
Play one of the free online marble(FOG) games.  Keep track of your scores.

Do you like the hands-on marble games or the online marble games better? Why? Take the marble survey to add your opinion to the comparison study.


Describe the three times when marble playing occurred in the story and why the game was significant each time.  Name the players, under what circumstances they played the game and with what result or outcome.  (Go beyond telling who won or lost; explain how relationships changed when the games were played.) Marble playing between story characters occurs on the following pages: pp. 6 – 10, pp. 109 – 114 and p. 232. 


    1. What is a mibster? _____________________________


    1. What do you call a shot when you knock out two or more marbles with one single shot? ____________________


    1. Explain lagging. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    1. What is another name for a shooter? ______________


    1. Is a shooter larger or smaller than your regular marbles?___________________________


    1. What is it called when you drop a marble onto another marble?___________________________


    1. When you return all players marbles at the end of the game, you’ve played the _____________________ rule.


    1. When players keep marbles they have won form other, you’ve played the _______________________ rule.


    1. What’s the line you shoot behind called? _____________


  1.  According to the rules, can a marble fly into the air and then hit the target marble when it lands?__________________

Directions: Circle your answers and then fold your paper and place your survey into the envelope.  All surveys will be tabulated at the end of the study.

    1. I prefer to play HANDS-ON or ONLINE marbles.


    1. I have more interaction with my friends when I play HANDS-ON or ONLINE marbles.


    1. I like to collect real marbles. YES or NO


    1. HANDS-ON or ONLINE marbles require more player skill to win.


  1. I lose track of time when I play HANDS-ON or ONLINE marbles.

Marble History Response Poster  

Our Personal Views

What makes the game of marbles so long-lasting?