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Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Terms

Esperanza’s World – Marble Center – Terms

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Marble Playing Terms

Bombing or Bombies – This term is used when you drop your marble onto another marble.

Dubs – This is when two or more marbles are knocked out of the ring with a single shot.

Fairsies – A game rule stating that each player gets back all his or her marbles at the end of play. This rule is decided before play begins.

Keepsies of Friendlies – A game rule stating that any marbles a player looses are not returned at the end of the game, but kept by whoever won them.

Lagging – In marbles you don’t flip a coin to see who goes first. You shoot or bowl a marble from the pitch line to another parallel line called the lag line.  The closet to the lag line goes first.

Lag Line – This is the line you throw toward when lagging.

Mibs – These are the target marbles, or the ones you shoot at.

Mibster – This is the name for a person who plays marbles.

Pitch Line – This is the line you stand behind to lag.

Jumpsies or Skipping – This is when you shoot your marble in such a way that it jumps into the air and hits the target marble on landing without hitting the ground first.

Shooter – The marble you shoot with; it is generally larger than a regular marble.

Slip – This is when a marble slips out of a player’s hand accidentally.

Target Marble – The marble you are aiming at.

Taw – The marble you are shooting with; also called the shooter.

Taw Line – The line that you shoot behind.