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Esperanza’s World – Native American Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Esperanza’s World – Native American Center – Activities / Teacher Resources

Activities / Teacher Resources

Native American Center Choices

Research information and/or read biographies about Cochise or Geronimo.  Produce a mini-documentary on the two leaders or write a bio-poem for them.  You could also research other Apache leaders such as Mangas Colorades (father-in-law of Cochise). Learn about the Apache Trail at
Click to learn more about the Apache Trail and
Click to learn about traveling the Apache Trail.
Make a map of the Apache Trail and include specific locations of interest on your map.  What did President Roosevelt say about the trail?
Read through the directions for playing Apache Games.  Then join with another student or students to play each of the games.  Explain orally which game you liked best and why.  Keep score and explain how you decided the winners.
Read Geronimo’s story in his own words. Click to read Geronimo’s Story
Compare his story autobiography with other versions of his life told from others’ perspectives.
Research the Papago (Rosa in the story was Papago.) or Tohono O’odham people.  Make a six part foldable and include the following information categories about them: homelands, history, foods, shelter, clothing, and famous people. Watch videos about the Apaches from Discovery Education’s collections located at ADE’s Ideal website.  Your teacher has a list of the best videos to watch.  As you watch the clips write down 10 new things you learned about the Apaches based on the videos.
Read the Apache and/or the Papago legendsDraw a picture or series of pictures to illustrate the legends.  Understand and respect the practice of Native Americans only telling certain stories at a particular time of the year or for a specific ceremony or celebration. Learn more about Native American medicines and which plants they used to heal.  The “shaman” also used special ceremonies to heal. Find and re-read the pages in the book Carlos and others used native plants to heal. Share what you learned in a poster or PowerPoint show. Use the beadwork generator to make a colorful sampler of beadwork at
Click to go to the Beadwork Generator .
Print a colored copy and post it.

Watch the slideshow on how to build a wickiup. Can you make a small model of it using the steps shown?
Click to watch a slideshow on how to build a Wickiup