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Geronimo! Leadership, Perseverance, Independence

Discover the man behind the legend in this visual biography of the mythic Apache warrior. Highlights of the exhibit include the rifle Geronimo surrendered to Indian Agent John Clum and the famous C.S. Fly photographs of peace negotiations between Geronimo and General George Crook. Support for this exhibit was provided by the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Fort Sill Chiricahua-Warm Springs Apache Tribe, and members of the Historical Arms Society of Tucson.

C.S. Fly Photograph AHS #78168

AHS #78168This C. S. Fly photograph of Geronimo and warriors of the four Allied Tribes was taken on March 26, 1886, during negotiations with General George Crook. The warriors were led by Chief Naiche (seen, mounted, in the center of the photograph).


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