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Julia Mosher

Julia Mosher Diary

Early 20th-century Phoenix comes alive through the diary and materials relating to the life of 13 year-old Julia Mosher.

Julia was the granddaughter of Samuel Lount, the pioneer business man who started the first icemaking plant in Phoenix in 1879. Julia was given a diary as a Christmas gift in 1899 and through the following year, she vividly described her daily activities.

More materials and activities available in the Julia Mosher Trunk, which can be rented by teachers in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Julia Mosher Diary is available in a Free Downloadable PDF by months.

Apache May Slaughter

Apache May Slaughter

Apache May Story
Apache May Reference Materials
Journal of Arizona History article: Cora Viola Howell Slaughter

Dress and vest in a Viola Apache May Flour Sack Dress in Display Case

World War II

World War II: The American Home Front Experience
Grade 8 Lesson Plan

Free Lesson Plan

WWII sample Pages

Hands on History Packets
Arizona Historical Society/Tucson, Lollesgard Postcard Collection, PC238

Hands on History Packets

These primary resource packets focus on specific events and people in Arizona’s history. 
Each packet includes photographs and documents from the Arizona Historical Society’s Archives.

***Coming Soon ***

  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • Japanese Experience in Arizona
  • Pleasant Valley Wars
  • Tombstone: Myth vs. Reality
  • African American Experience in Tucson

Downtown Underground Front Cover

Downtown Under Ground
Downtown Under Ground
integrates Arizona history into high school American History. This book is designed to help students achieve the Arizona’s social studies standards.
Free Publication

Complete Lession Plans Underground Back Cover