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AHS Publications Catalog
New and recently published

Zeckendorfs and Steinfelds: Merchant Princes of the American Southwest, by Bettina O”Neil Lyons, 2008, 416 pages ~ ISBN 978-0-910037-49-5 ~ $24.95 hard-cover.
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Sometimes the Blues: The Letters and Diaries of Frank Hammon, A Lonely Frontiersman in Globe and Phoenix, 1882-1889, by Susan Clardy. Foreword by Don Dedera.
2007, 328 pages ~ ISBN 0-910037-47-7 ~ $39.95 hard-cover
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Mickey Free: Apache Captive, Interpreter, and Indian Scout. By Allan Radbourne.
, 328 pages ~ ISBN 0-910037-46-9 ~ $34.95 hard-cover 

WINNER! Western History Association Robert M. Utley Award; American Association for State and Local History Award of Merit.
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Museum Monograph 12
Provincias Internas: Continuing Frontiers. Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Phoenix College, March 28, 2003, edited by Pete Dimas
In a series of provocative essays, five scholars reflect on themes of continuity from colonial times to the present across the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural southwestern borderland. Participants and topics include: Alfredo Jiménez, University of Seville, “Space, Time, Peoples: Continuities in the Great Spanish North from Its Beginnings to the Present; Susan M. Needs, Northern Arizona University, “Missions as Transactional and Transitional Crossroads: A Case Study from Nueva Vizcaya”; Hartman H. Lowmawaima, Arizona State Museum, “The Hopi Documentary History Project: A Progress Report”; Philip R. VanderMeer, Arizona State University, “Postwar Phoenix: Intentional Change and Essential Continuities”; and Edward Escobar, Arizona State University, “Drawing the Thin Blue Line: Chicano-Police Relations since World War II.”
2007, 144 pages ~ ISBN 978-0-910037-48-8 ~ $24.95 soft-cover

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Previous AHS Publications Available:
  • Ambush at Bloody Run: The Wham Paymaster Robbery of 1889, by Larry D. Ball. 2000, 260 pp., maps, illus., ISBN 0-9100037-40-X. $34.95 hard-cover.
  • Antrim is my Stepfather’s Name: The Boyhood of Billy the Kid, by Jerry Weddle. Foreword by Robert M. Utley. 1993, 94 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-31-0. $16.95 soft-cover.
  • Arizona’s Cowboy Cavalry: A Photographic History of the Arizona Rough Riders, by Charles H. Herner. 1998, 23 pp., illus. $5.00 soft-cover.
  • Before Rebellion: Letters & Reports of Jacobo Sedelmayer, S. J., translated by Donald Matson, with an introduction and annotations by Bernard L. Fontana. 1996, 96 pp., maps. ISBN 0-910037-37-X. $65.00 hard-cover.
  • Campaigns in the West, 1856-1861: The Journals and Letters of Colonel John Van Deusen Du Bois with Pencil Sketches by Joseph Heger and a New Foreword by Durwood Ball.
    WINNER! Rounce & Coffin Club Award of Merit.
    Originally published in 1949 by the Arizona Pioneers’ Historical Society and the Grabhorn Press, this classic item of Western Americana quickly sold out its initial printing of 300 copies. Today, it is much sought after by collectors and military historians. In his introduction to this elegant reprint, University of New Mexico professor Durwood Ball describes how industrialist and benefactor W. J. “Jack” Holliday collaborated with the Historical Society to publish this vivid account of service with the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen in New Mexico and present-day Arizona in the troubled 1850s. Professor Ball also assesses the book’s importance to the military history of the Southwest. The new edition includes thirteen previously unpublished Heger drawings from the Arizona Historical Society collections.
    2003, 168 pages ~ ISBN 0-910037-45-0 ~ $48.00 hard-cover
  • Camp Reno: Outpost in Apachería, 1867-1870, by Jim Schrier. Foreword by Dan Thrapp. 1992, 77 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037. $14.95 soft-cover.
  • Cavalry Yellow & Infantry Blue: Army Officers in Arizona between 1851 and 1886, by Constance Wynn Altshuler. 1991, 406 pp. ISBN 0-910037. $45.00 hard-cover.
  • The Century of Robert H. Forbes: The Career of a Pioneer Agriculturist, Agronomist, Environmentalist, Conservationist, and Water Specialist in Arizona and Abroad, by Charles C. Colley. 1977, 148 pp., maps, illus. $16.00 hard-cover. $40.00 limited slip-cased edition.
  • Chains of Command: Arizona and the Army, 1856-1875, by Constance Wynn Altshuler. 1981, 280 pp., maps, illus. $15.00 soft-cover.
  • Confederate Pathway to the Pacific: Major Sherod Hunter and Arizona Territory, C.S.A., by L. Boyd Finch. Foreword by Robert M. Utley. 1996, 336 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-36-1. $39.95 hard-cover.
  • From the Devil’s Playground: Poetry of Early Arizona, compiled by Wallace H. Fuller. Introduction and commentary by C. L. Sonnichsen. 1989, 262 pp. $12.95 soft-cover.
  • Frontier Tucson: Hispanic Contributions, James E. Officer, Henry F. Dobyns, Thomas E. Sheridan, Manuel C. Gonzales, and Joseph Noriega, contributors. 1987, 85 pp., map, illus. $9.95 soft-cover.
  • Geronimo’s Surrender: The 1886 C. S. Fly Photographs, by Jay Van Orden. 1991, 28 pp., illus. $5.00 soft-cover.
  • “It Was the Grandest Sight I Ever Saw”: Experiences of a Rough Rider as Recorded in the Letters of Lieutenant John Campbell Greenway, edited with an introduction by Charles Herner. 2001, 64 pp., map, illus. ISBN 0-910037-44-2. $21.95 soft-cover.
  • Land of Lava, Ash, and Sand: The Pinacate Region of Northwestern Mexico, by Ronald L. Ives. 1989, 239 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-26-4. $24.95 hard-cover.
  • Pioneer Heritage: The First Century of the Arizona Historical Society, by C. L. Sonnichsen. 1984, 230 pp., illus. ISBN 0-910037-21-3. $15.00 hard-cover.
  • The Red Captain: The Life of Hugo O’Conor, Commandant Inspector of the Interior Provinces of New Spain, by Mark Santiago. 1994, 127 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-33-7. $15.95 soft-cover.
  • Studies in Arizona History, by Julie A. Campbell et al. 1998, 312 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-38-8. $32.00 hard-cover. ISBN 0-910037-39-6. $23.00 soft-cover.
  • Studies in Arizona History: Teachers’ Manual. 2001, 120 pp., maps, illus. ISBN 0-910037-42-6. $21.00 soft-cover.
  • Those Old Yellow Dog Days: Frontier Journalism in Arizona, 1859-1912, by William H. Lyon. 1994, 262 pp., illus. ISBN 0-910037-32-9. $29.95 hard-cover.

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