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Research Opportunities

In attempting to preserve cultural heritage, culturally and historically significant collections and sites, that were formerly the property of elites, are transferred into public hands as a national legacy. That legacy is then made available in museums for the enrichment, education and collective identity of the citizenry. – Flora Edouwaye S. Kaplan

The Arizona Historical Society Research Program was established in 2004 and was designed to support advanced scholarship. Our programs offer a multitude of opportunities for historians, scholars, writers, artists, filmmakers, and others to explore the Society’s archives housed in our Flagstaff, Tempe, Tucson and Yuma museums.

We are fortunate this year to be able to offer several unique programs and services including:

  • Grant opportunities
  • Access to LISTA, our online searchable database catalogue

Building on our strengths, we continue making important contributions to scholarship and supporting research efforts. The exploration of critical historical issues is dependent on increasing our general research endowment funds. If you are interested in assisting with these efforts, please contact our Research Office here.

Anne I. Woosley, Ph.D.
Executive Director