The Historical League

Histoircal League

The Historical League is a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers who support the Arizona Historical Society’s Museum at Papago Park in Tempe. For additional information, please visit the Historical League website.

The League fundraises and provides volunteers to conduct tours, greet visitors and answer phones, and assist with archival and collections processing.

League Benefits
Receive invitations to exhibit openings
Enjoy discounts at the museum store
Benefit from discounts on facility rentals
Participate in tours to historic sites and learn about Arizona’s rich heritage from experts in the field
Enjoy league parties, luncheons and Historymaker’s Gala
Receive the “Old Ned” newsletter each month
Be a member of a highly valued group

How can I become a League Member?
Arizona Historical Society membership is prerequisite to joining the League. General membership is $50. AHS Membership Form

If you already are a member of the Arizona Historical Society, you are eligible to become a League member.  League Application Form 

Minimum League Requirements
Arizona Historical Society membership
Historical League membership

Active: $25/annual
Non-Active (but supportive): $40/annual
Sustaining (lifetime membership): $599 minimum