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The Sanguinetti House Gardens

Say “I Do” in the Sanguinetti Gardens!

The Sanguinetti House Museum is surrounded by an intimate garden that can be rented for wedding ceremonies. The garden is comprised of small grassy spaces interspersed with trees and beds of plants. The main garden at the rear of the museum is a grassy rectangle approximately 18 x 33 feet. Sidewalks, garden beds, and trees surround the grass.

With chairs arranged in rows, 75 people can be seated comfortably.  There are limited electrical outlets.


At the front of the museum there are small grass sections that can provide limited additional seating space. The grassy areas here are in meandering shapes so measurements are approximate. One section is approximately 11 x 35 feet, the other 14 x 10 feet, and the third 26 x 8 feet.

For more information about hours, fees, and accommodations, please call (928) 782-1841 or email ykruse@azhs.gov.