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Chapter 3: Early People of the Americas: Activities

Chapter 3: Early People of the Americas: Activities

Ice Breaker Activities:

  1. Have students decide in a group what things they would want to leave behind for archeologists to find to tell their story, using objects around the classroom.
  2. Science of archeology- Activity already outlined and in chapter 3 on shared drive
  3. How do we use the land today? Have students make a chart of the three major regions of AZ, and in each region decide how people use the land today based on what is available to them

Connection to Time capsule activity from Chapter 1

  1. Have students discuss in a group what things they choose to put in the time capsule
  2. Why did the students choose to put this item in the time capsule?
  3. What do each of the items tell about today’s history?

Trash Can Activity

  1. Using the metaphor of layers of trash explain how there are also layers of history.
  2. Have students use the text to fill in the layers of history.
  3. Students will draw artifacts and label the artifacts in the appropriate layer.

Create a Storyboard Activity

  • Paleo-Indians
  • Hohokam
  • Mogollon
  • Ancestral Puebloans
  • Patayan
  • Sinsagua
  • Salado

Or based on what we know about these people what would archeologists find on a dig.
Have a gallery walk or students present if done digitally. Students fill out chart similar to page 115.

Download Free Software for digital storyboards

Or Worksheet