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Education Publications

Education Publications

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Arizona Story Cover

The Arizona Story

4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
The Arizona Story introduces fourth grade students to the concepts of history and geography as well as the tools for investigation and interpreting Arizona history. This textbook uses multimedia and primary sources to teach content. Meets new standards for Arizona 4th grade Social Studies.
Teacher Edition only available through Ken Barr

Cost: Hardbound $46.95.

Contents Sample Pages Teachers Manual Cover Sample Pages


Studies in Arizona History
Studies in Arizona History
integrates Arizona history into high school American History. This book is designed to help students achieve the Arizona’s social studies standards. Student friendly text makes history exciting by promoting critical thinking. Great resource for all social studies teachers of any grade or level.

Cost: Hardbound $32.00
Teacher’s manual $21.00
TimeLine Teachers Manual Cover Intro Sample Pages Manual Chapter Sample Pages


Arizona Constitution and Government

Arizona Constitution and Government
Arizona Constitution and Government
is an informative high school textbook that examines Arizona’s constitution and three branches of government. This book is also ideal for teacher taking the Constitutiion test. The teacher’s manual includes bluelined activities and quizzes for students.

Cost: Soft cover $9.45
Teacher’s manual $11.95

Introduction Contents Sample Pages Teachers Manual Cover Teachers Manual Sample Pages


Arizona Tales Cover

Arizona Tales CD
Arizona Tales CD
This CD includes 15 lesson plans on desert environment, American Indian and Mexican culture, Westward Expansion, ranch life, World War II, and more. Includes an extensive annotated bibliography (divided into primary elementary, upper elementary and secondary levels). Meets current Arizona State Department of Education Standards for English, Language Arts, Geography and History.

Cost: $15.00

contents Introduction 1 Introduction 2 Lesson Plans 1 Lesson Plans 2 Lesson Plans 3


Downtown Underground Front CoverDowntown Under Ground
Downtown Under Ground: Archaeological Clues to Tucson’s Past
is a teacher’s guide with elementary classroom activities. Written by Arizona Historical Society and Sponsored by the City of Tucson and Desert Archaeology Inc. This publication is available for download.



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