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Library and Archives


The Library & Archives online catalog now includes information on  collections housed at all four of our locations: Flagstaff, Tempe, Tucson and Yuma.  Check it out at http://catalog.azhsarchives.org/

The expansion of the catalog is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 


Collection Highlights

The Arizona Historical Society (AHS) Libraries & Archives Division chronicles the history of Arizona by collecting published and unpublished material of enduring historical and research value.  The materials come in many formats including manuscripts, photographs, diaries, letters, oral histories, sound recordings, moving images, microfilm, maps, books, and digital files. Through these collections current and future generations of researchers can explore the economic, political, social, and cultural heritage of the state.

The Libraries & Archives holdings are dispersed among four AHS locations. While some overlap exists, each location has a specific geographic and subject focus:

Flagstaff Collections Strengths: Territorial era to 1950s, Northern Arizona and Colorado Plateau, business, politics, law, lumber industry, railroads, genealogy, local organizations, Indian Pow Wow records, education, healthcare, maps, oral histories  and photographs.

Tempe Collections Strengths: 20th Century, Maricopa County and Central Arizona, oral histories, architectural drawings, TV news reels, aviation, banking, healthcare, business, non-profit organizations, arts and culture, photographs and photographic studios.

Tucson Collections Strengths: Territorial era, Southern Arizona and borderlands, business, genealogy, ranching, politics, mining, military, law, non-profit and grass roots organizations, ephemera, photographs, and maps.

Yuma Collections Strengths: Territorial era to 1940s, Western Arizona, oral histories, agriculture, genealogy, military, local organizations, education, church history, early transportation (railroad, steamboats, plank road), aviation, business, Lower Colorado River, irrigation, Yuma Prison, and photographs.


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