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National History Day



The Arizona Historical Society is proud to sponsor National History Day in Arizona (NHDAZ). Developed for middle and high school students, National History Day in Arizona makes history come alive by engaging them in the discovery of the historical, cultural, scientific, and social experiences of the past.  Through in-depth research, project based learning, hands on experiences, and presentations; Arizona students are better prepared to inform the present and shape the future.  NHDAZ inspires teachers and students through challenging classroom activities, after school clubs, weekend workshops, and exciting competitions transforming history education and instruction.

For more information, visit the National History Day Arizona website, or call the NHDAZ Coordinator, Stacey Trepanier at strepanier@nhdaz.org, or 480-234-9192.

2018 Competition Dates: 

Kingman Regional Competition: February 10, 2018

East Valley Regional Competition at Aprende Junior High: February 17, 2018

Sierra Vista Regional Competition: February 24, 2018

West Valley Regional Competition: March 3, 2018

Flagstaff Regional Competition: March 3, 2018

​Arizona State Competition: March 31, 2018

National Competition at the University of Maryland, College Park: June 10-14, 2018